American Made?

It's completely possible to mis-understand
the point behind the purpose
of spouting the
"American Made" or
"Made in the USA"
rally cry. But it's not racism
or hatred towards other countries!

by Matt Davenport
SA Owner & Publisher

In the past few decades we have spent a ton of money in helping other countries around the world. We have done everything from giving them our soldiers to help fight their wars to pouring billions of dollars into their economy to help them stay afloat. I realize that some of this might full well have been politically motivated. Some of it done for profit. And a great deal of it done for straight up humanitarian reasons. Which, as Americans, that is who we are. In all honesty, it's okay to be the hero sometimes and help the world.​

Our need to support ourselves is not a sudden change of heart. In fact, it is a truth that has been coming and growing in our beautiful country for many years. As a person in his 50's I can remember hearing it as a child. It didn't get all the publicity back then, but it's never really been about race or prejudice.

​I spent some time as an E.M.T. and remember very well the lessons we were taught by Battalion Commander Robertson. The number one rule we had to follow diligently was our own health priority. Simply put, we cannot help our patient if our own physical issues are not where they should to be.

​Indeed, we fight to maintain so many other countries and people around the world that there has never been a nation in history that has given more to help the concerns of so many billions of humans they know nothing about. So much more indeed, that it has become who we are. Our identity to most of the globe.

This rally cry to Buy American is not the cry to stop helping others! We must never do that. The United States will never "not" be needed in the world. It is our mandate to make sure the safety of others is a priority. But can we stop a second and recognize the need of our own health?​

There are many things we can do to help out our brothers and sisters of this nation. One of the most straight forward and simplest of those things is to spend a few extra bucks to make certain your neighbor is able to pay his utilities and put food on his table by purchasing life needs and wants from American producers.

​It is true that most American made product is a little more expensive. But that's a price we can afford. Maybe that piece of furniture you can spend a hundred dollars on and get the biggest one can be spent on getting a smaller one in order to ensure your money goes back into that person so they can keep paying taxes to support that person thousands of miles away that needs our help. Does that make sense?

In a very real way, our support of each other financially in American does, indeed, support those that need us in countries whose language we don't even speak.​

There are more ways to support the American worker/builder/producer. Yes, I make no secret of the subject, I want you to buy from me. My wife and I try to make our product from American sources. We also try to buy what we can from American producers. We figure it like this: Every time we spend money on American products, that money stays and circulates right here in our own neighborhood. Support your hood! Buy American!