About Us

Sapphire Arts is Matt & Nancy Davenport. The epitome of the "mom & pop" company. We work in many areas and are always busy making sure our customers are happy! The majority of what we do is wholesale to different locations all over, but we do (as you can see in our Marketplace) lots of retail also.

It is our deepest desire to honor our customers and treat them right. With quality and pricing that truly reflects that!

You can find us working hard in our shops in Albany, Oregon. Whether it is production items, retail one-of-a-kind woodcraft or fabric art, book editing/publishing*, web services*, or doing community promotions, we are the real deal. Not a corporation and not an importer. We make everything right here in our shops, at our home.

Sapphire Arts started in 2017 from an idea that came while reading a passage in Exodus, chapter 24 as the Throne Room of God was described as being made of sapphire. Part of our desire is to make a product that blesses God and is worthy of such a place!

We eventually began doing different kinds of product creation. It became a mainstay with us. At one point, we started thinking about a name to go by when it came to our artwork and crafting.

As though almost planned from the beginning, the word sapphire simply had to be part of it. But just using sapphire alone did not work.

The talent God had granted Nancy and I was unusual. I say that because it went in many directions. She was very talented making stuffed animals and tote bags with a sewing machine. I was blessed in working with wood. With all credit to God on those two accounts, we both had an additional talent. I was gifted in story telling and writing, while she was my saving grace: an excellent editor.

With her help, we got a book done. And more since then. But our lives were not to be just about writing, editing and publishing books. It would grow more and more very quickly. (

As time unfolded, several things were dropped into our laps to help guide us in the direction of Sapphire Arts. It was late in 2018 that the name came to us. Realizing that we weren't going to just write books, but the desire to help others publish their story was strong in us as well. Having inherited tools, I returned to working with wood as a hobby. But God had more than that in mind. In a very short time, He unpacked a myriad of things in our lives that He used to lead us towards ongoing and developing talents. The plush animals and incredible tote bags that Nancy makes, the cups and bowls that I make on the lathe, and the list of talents we combine to make available in the publishing arena all came together for us to see that God's giftings in us were meant to be more than just hobbies and occasional presents for family members.

Then finally seeing that the sapphire theme remained and that we were both talented artists (in multiple fields) the name Sapphire Arts seemed perfectly natural to us. And it was more than just a name that made sense. With it came the understanding that through our work in art, we gain more and more of the Throne Room of God. A place paved in sapphire.

Through Sapphire Arts we wish to, first and foremost, lift the Name of God up. All talent credit goes to him. Of which we humbly accept His trust in us to use this talent to worship Him, love people, and build the Kingdom of God. We have learned to live gratefully, see His hand in our lives, and tell the world about the incredible love of God.

So, if you are trying to reach us, have an idea you want to work on, just need a shoulder and a pair of ears, or simply want to hear about the goodness of God, let us know. We'll just be blessing God with bags, bunnies, bowls, books and stuff...

-Matt, April, 2020​

*Book editing and web design are part of the mission for us. If you are interested in either one, please contact us directly. The websites for these two services are under construction at this time.

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